About us

TMT Metals Holdings Limited (TMT) is a UK based group engaged in trading of non-ferrous metals, minor metals and ferroalloys. Founded in 2010, the group was initially focused on the Trading of Tin, Aluminium and Minor Metals. Following structural changes, the group has recently shifted to higher volumes and is engaged in additional metals markets including Lead, Zinc, Copper, Nickel and new concentrates. The Group presently has offices in Zug, Switzerland and London, UK.

TMT Metals is a Category 5 LME member with exchange access through partnerships with ring dealers, investment banks, brokers and direct trading via LME Select platform.

As a leading metal trading merchant leveraging its experience and global reach with an extensive network for offtake from suppliers and delivery to customers around the world – safely, responsibly and reliably. TMT’s objective is to grow into a dominant player within the metal trading universe focusing on product diversification and full integration of the value chain. In order to achieve these objectives the Company has world class professionals at its helm to translate vision into reality.

Our presence in the most actively traded Metals markets across the world shows commitment to our objectives to grow organically. London and Zug are the hub of the Metals trading worldwide and growing year on year.